• http://www.boom-online.co.uk/ Amy Fowler

    I’m sorry to criticise your article Kerry, but I’m honestly quite surprised (and a bit disappointed) to see this on SEL.

    There aren’t any original ideas here, and some of this is just a little confusing and (in my opinion) wrong.

    For instance, you say:

    ‘For a comprehensive effort your agency roster should include technical Web design experts, content generators, SEO experts, conversion specialists, user interface experts, and link-building specialists’

    In my experience, agencies that have in-house web designers are often best avoided. Yes, it’s great if there are people at the agency with technical knowledge, but SEO is ‘marketing’, and to be a great ‘marketer’ takes a very different skill set to that needed to be a great web designer.

    Often, agencies that offer both web design and SEO are web design companies that have decided to offer SEO because it will generate them more revenue. They often have only the most basic SEO skills and in a post-panda world, this is (probably) going to do your site harm.


    ‘Hire an agency that is a Google AdWords Certified Partner with a team of “individually qualified” paid search experts certified by Google’

    doesn’t really make sense because an agency can’t become a partner unless someone there is qualified.

    And this:

    ‘you’ll then be better connected to Google intelligentsia, and positioned to gain maximum results.’

    just doesn’t make sense, period.

    Sorry again. I’m not perfect either. *runs and hides*

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    “hire an agency as an extension of your team.”

    This is a point I try to hammer into my clients all the time. SEO needs to be completely integrated into everything you do, and that means keeping your SEO provider in the loop! We’re here to help you, so let us in.

  • Rebecca Caroe

    good points. I think a lot of the recommendations are great if you have a big $$ budget. What do you think are the ‘core essentials’ that a lower budget brand might seek?