• http://www.linkbuildr.com Linkbuildr Team

    Refreshing and informative as usual Debra! I would even highlight the statement to have a few 400-600 word blog posts ready to go. So many clients we run into could be nailing off posts for long tail keywords, and pushing some internal link juice as well.

  • http://informlocal.com/ Mike

    Hi Debra,

    I was at a SEMNE conference last night and you were touted as a link guru, and probably to busy to answer this comment, but, i have a question.

    I was under the impression link partnerships were frowned upon by Google? I see you just wrote this piece last month, so I assume these links are helping. How many link partnerships do you recommend per page?

  • http://www.alliance-link.com Debra Mastaler

    @Linkbuildr Team – Thanks :)

    @Mike: Sorry, I’m not clear on what you mean by link partnership. If you can elaborate it will help.