• http://acid42.valdellon.com Lionel Valdellon

    This Google store in London looks like a cross between a bowling alley and the Starship Enterprise.

  • A.H.

    So they took an Apple store and added some colors and fit it inside a space smaller than my bedroom? A little space where Somewhere where people can slouch while they try their “products.”

    Why is this even news?

    This sort of thing might be better suited for the kiosks in shopping malls or at airports.

    Google, stick to the search game, please!

  • A.H.

    BTW- Does the word “Google” appear anywhere in that “store?”

  • enricobanana

    That’s not a store, it’s a concession stand in a branch of PCWorld. Look in the background of the third, fourth, fifth and last pictures. Those sale banners, ‘laptops’ signs and the ‘KnowHow’ bar are all in PCWorld.

  • http://www.webwinkelweblog.nl Dirkjan Vis

    Nice healthy ergonomic chairs for an internet company. Back, neck, shoulder and RSI sickness anyone?