• Alistair Dent

    Thanks George,

    Since Google have started to offer Relative CTR as a metric for display campaigns, maybe Relative QS could be a metric for search campaigns? If my quality scores appear low, but I can see that I’m pretty high compared to the competition on this keyword then I might decide there isn’t much scope to improve it.

  • Kenny Martin

    *slow clap* Thank you, sir. Thank you. Reasons 3, 4, and 5 happen really often, and as you mentioned with #3, you’re actually being a GOOD advertiser when you pre-qualify your own traffic for conversion rates. I think it’s garbage to tell people that if your QS is below x, kill those keywords. Ad Rank = Bid x QS, so BOTH are important. Should you work to improve QS? Absolutely. Should you work to place the most optimal bid at any given moment? Absolutely. If I didn’t advertise on certain key terms for which I will never have an uber-high QS, I’d literally take all of the volume out of my account. It might be very efficient, but this is an efficiency AND volume play.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Alister, “Relative Quality Score” — I like it!

    Kenny, thanks for your comment. QS is such an easy mark for consultants who don’t know better and/or don’t care; I think a great many pros like you have shared this same grievance about those bogus attacks.

  • http://www.boldinternet.co.uk Adrian Bold

    Well done George. A very useful article.

    The reset button is something I’ve long wished for but can’t imagine a time when that would ever happen, at least not being made public. Trying to get an account functioning well when it has been left to perform poorly for a long period of time can be a real struggle.

  • http://www.safe-cycle.com S.E.

    Mr. Michie?, see my previously directed comments on
    When did “ranting” qualify as “objective” content? I wonder if I scanned this how many SEO triggers would I find?

  • http://www.safe-cycle.com S.E.

    Hmm zero LinkedIn reposts, and zero FB likes, but 219 twubber-stampers…interesting