• http://seo-theory.blogspot.com/ Michael Martinez

    Cranky is apparently part of or partnered with the EONS Web site, which is now running television advertising to build its membership. It sounds like a social network for the over-50 crowd, many of whom are now key decision-makers in various corporate and government structures.

    I wonder how long it will take the marketing community to squelch the signal there?

  • RobRubin

    cRANKy is a web search engine that has been available at http://www.eons.com since the sites launch on July 31st. Earlier this week EONS publsihed some of the query and Compete data and launched cRANKy at http://www.cranky.com. The cRANKy kernel is truly a social ranking relevancy engine. The engine uses the ratings provided by Eons editors, Eons members (who are age 49+) the data collected by Compete, Inc. about where this demographic browses for information on the web, and the algorithmic ranking provided by our web search OEM partner to compute the relevancy ranking of the result set. cRANKy displays the top 4 results on the first page, and then 10 results on subsequent pages. The results are easily distinguishable from sponsored listings, particularly when they include Eons editorial and member reviews.

  • http://www.smart-keywords.com/blog.html AussieWebmaster

    Nice I did not realise I was a geriatric. When do I get my AARP newsletter.