• http://www.grooveitgolf.com dangerlarson

    Thanks for the most enlightening insights – in my limited world view I hadn’t even considered that gaudy is good… oops, I did it again.

    I’ll give another example beyond cultures in different geographic areas. Examine the difference in design preference among cultures from different age groups within the same geographic area.

    When I show a clean web-2.0ish design to a 50ish year old client, they see “boring” and ask if I can slap up some animated gifs or flash. I previously thought it’s because of a lack of knowledge about usability, but perhaps it’s that their culture is still appreciating the info glut on the web while I’m ungrateful for the leaps in technology from when I was a kid trying to program on my Atari 2600. Or, maybe they spent a great deal of time in Asia…

  • http://www.jakeludington.com Jake Ludington

    While I was in China last year for DEMOChina I asked people in the tech space why it was that Baidu was outperforming Google when the Baidu results clearly didn’t have what I would consider highly relevant results. One common answer was that, at least for most people, the Baidu results felt more relevant to them, so subjectively Baidu was more relevant. There is also a prevailing opinion that Google isn’t taking the search market in China seriously because they aren’t empowering employees in China to call the shots on how search is implemented in China. That second part is not something the average searcher thinks about, but may be symptomatic to the general issues Google faces in succeeding in search in China.