• http://www.ccube.com/usa/in/mlalwani Mahesh Lalwani

    Excellent post, explains the issue in detail.

    We at Ccube have solved the problem by playing voice ads in place of ring back tones. It is not intrusive since the ad is only played for a few seconds while caller is waiting for the called to pick up the phone. There is no click fraud involved and each impression is tracked, and is very targeted. Check it out at http://www.ccube.com

    – Mahesh Lalwani
    Founder & CEO, Ccube.com

  • http://www.naturalsearchblog.com Silver

    Mahesh, that’s definitely an interesting ad product, though that doesn’t truly solve the problem I’m speaking to. You state that your product is impression-based, while I was speaking to performance-based ads.

    Impression-based ads will continue to have a place in both online and offline advertising, but the interest of most marketers is in performance based ads because it’s often easier to associate ROI with the costs.

    Chris Silver Smith