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    *sigh* “It was about this time last year you rolled out the disaster that was Google Buzz.” Too bad Buzz shows an exponential growth in usage and is widely accepted among Google powerusers that actually understand the concept behind Buzz. Buzz is not Twitter!

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    Great write up Danny! Google has defiantly been lagging behind in the social and OS spaces. Their marketing efforts based around many of their useful apps, even though they still have yet to join them on a social level, is lacking to say the least.

    IMO one issue Google has currently is having way too many social media accounts. Lately it appears Google has a Twitter account for every app or market they are in. Many of these social accounts could be combined into one account making the marketing efforts via social more effective. I know I hate the fact of following all of their accounts or having to go out and find their Twitter name in order to get updated info on new products/services being released.

    I am sure many feel the same. Hopefully Google will listen and focus in on these spaces and bring back the WOW we all came to expect from Google in the past.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/kschachinger Kristine Schachinger

    Great article — think you are right about everything but the OS .. no one – no users should go to the web cloud os system if they value their rights as a user and the freedom of the web.. dark days – dark path down that alley…

    But as far as the rest — yes – I was once a Google Evangelist and that was just a year ago.. but they went down a dark path themselves.. very quickly.. and the algo has deteriorated despite Google’s assertions that say it is not so :)

    So I think you hit many nails on the head here !! I do hope Larry can turn it around and make Google once again the Ben and Jerry’s of the net..and the innovators they were… kind of made me proud to be in tech when Google was Google ..and not like MSFT circa 2002 ;)

    (PS this captcha is the worst I have ever seen! And I have 20/15 vision)

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/josephtierney/ Joe Tierney

    Thank you very much for the post. Fun read!

    I agree as a maturing company, Google faces new challenges. Every business faces challenges – that’s part of the fun!

    1 on 1 competition makes great headlines.

    For all the hype, Facebook isn’t hurting Google. By an measure Google’s numbers are great. The overall online market is going to continue to expand to the benefit of both firms. Google itself leverages Facebook’s commercial potential better than most. Chrome’s page has over 5,000,000 Fans. Google owns its most valuable asset, its infrastructure. Facebook’s greatest asset, the social graph, is on loan from the people who use the service. Facebook has been and will continue to be very successful but it is profit and revenue that make a company valuable, not the word “social”.

    Android vs Apple is also overblown. What percentage of people are actually comparing an iPhone 4 to an Android 2.2+ phone outside of the press and analysts? Does someone with an iPhone 4 go out and get an Android or vice versa? It doesn’t seem like many folks do to me – you have a nice super phone and you’re generally happy. Both platforms, by any measure, are exploding. It is not Apple vs Android – it is both vs Blackberry and non-smartphones. Both will continue to improve and prosper. The market for both will continue to expand for years.

    I still Google to find just about everything on the Web, as do most. Bing is pissing away money, but as long as Microsoft wants to foot the bill I think it’s great for Google to have the pressure – competition is always good.

    Ray Ozzie pointed out in his departing memo that complexity kills. ChromeOS kills complexity. XP is 10 years old and still the most dominate OS – equally impressive and crazy. Certainly there is room for more competition. Most people do a majority of their work via the browser. We talk about “computer people” today, ChromeOS moves the needle to a “browser person”. Many people are not computer people, but few are not browser people. ChromeOS is many things, positive and negative, but it is certainly the simplest OS. Again plenty of room for ChromeOS and Apple to both thrive.

    Don’t be evil. Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible. That’s what Larry should focus on, that and having a great time running an extremely strong company. Stay the course.

  • modelportfolio2003


    Agree with most of the points Joe makes above.

    A word of advice: sitting in the Gillmour gang glass house and breathing in the air can be detrimental to your point of view. Simply because Gillmour says it is so and controls the mute button on his show does not make it so. Scoble is an Apple fan boy too who dances around really.

    Suggest you really go out of your comfort zone and see what real people think and you will find the level of affection for Google is higher than ever. And I do consider the autonomously driven car and the investment in the Atlantic transmission line for wind mills to be Wow!.

    Don’t let the job eat you up and jade your opinion. Google still rocks.