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    This is very different from other blog that I’ve read this day. I now finally found out the updates and advantages.

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    “Have you established an SEO training curriculum for all key departments?”

    So important! Especially for a large company. Everyone’s actions can be leveraged for SEO in one way or another. You want to make sure all your internal teams understand how they fit into the grand scheme of things.

  • Derek Booth

    some of these points are not only enterprise level. apply what you can as best you can. we do internet marketing as opposed to just seo, the world of online marketing is bigger than ever. i am never surprised though at just how many companies do not have analytics set up. its not just set up either, ones that do have no idea how to use it or to get the benefit, they just look at graphs. an old saying on how to please your boss, show a coloured graph which increases and he will be happy! so much more to be gained from looking inside and really looking at your traffic.