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    Hi Cara,

    I think the first step to success in non-brand spending is separating brand from non-brand in reporting and analysis. Sounds simple, but brand will always outperform non-brand, and if they are pooled together, any extra spend on non-brand will of course pull down the average performance of the campaign, creating a disincentive to invest in non-brand terms.

    I am a big advocate of bidding on keywords that capture searchers at earlier stages of the buying cycle, as ‘researchers’ can still be an extremely profitable audience, albeit one with a longer click to purchase lag time.

    Guess the success of non-brand paid search will come down to the ability to attribute conversions accurately. There is no doubt a large majority of customers search for a handful of generic keywords, then come back and purchase on a brand terms, so being able to accurately measure the extent to which multiple touch point affect the user’s intention to buy, and adjust bids accordingly, will make generic paid search all the more powerful.