• http://www.latesttutorial.com/ WAQAS AHMED

    Nice contents, lot of bloggers not happy with hummingbird, but i think if you work according to Google Algo, you will never get penalty. Points that you made here are extremely useful for bloggers.

  • Scott Davis

    Hummingbird is a semantic search algorithm…

    Nothing in this article deals with tackling the actual nature or effects of Hummingbird. UX was important pre-Hummingbird & will always be important.

    I will, however, provide one tip gratis: You need to move to “keyword concepts” for your page focus instead of paying attention to this or that specific phrasing of the keyword your targeting. Make sure you aren’t diluting your keyword strength on page by keeping keyword topics that are related & semantically equivalent on the same page instead of spread out over half your site pages. ie: Restaurants in Dallas = Dallas Restaurants. Don’t waste 2 pages targeting something you only need 1 page to do effectively.

  • http://onixmediadesign.com/ Victor Valencia

    Beter content, beter sites, what about backlinks?

  • patrickberzai

    yeah, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this article, especially the “Complete Guide” thing. It almost violates some it’s own advice!

    I do not think that “content is king.” CONVERSATION is king. All of your content should either:

    1. Simulate a conversation: people type in questions to the web now more than ever. Does your content answer these questions that customers may have on the their path to purchase with you? If not, then it is not good content.

    2. STimulate conversation:

    a. does your content on your web properties make you want to contact a
    salesperson to have a further conversation? If not, then make it do that.
    (note, it’s not always content, but UX that influences this).


    b. does a person want to share what they learned from you with their friends to
    start their own conversation?

    If you follow these practices if thinking of what helpful conversations you want to start or finish– the ultimate way to put your customer/user first– you’ll never have to worry about an algo update, in my opinion.

  • http://www.gennextmedia.com/chris-marentis Chris Marentis

    Scott, my intent here was to use Hummingbird as a timeframe versus that algo change specifically. Hopefully, the entirety of the post explains that better. Thanks for your comments…we have learned a ton thought the site audit and fixing process and wanted to share what I learned, and hopefully learn from the community as well.

  • http://www.gennextmedia.com/chris-marentis Chris Marentis

    Great thoughts on content Patrick! Thanks for adding to the conversation.

  • http://www.cloudways.com/en/ Muhammad Saad Khan

    Loved your response Patrick. Content in a Right Context is extremely important. If you are answering the questions, means you are building the trust. Building a right community around can spark conversations, on your all mediums…blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+. And that’s where the MAGIC begins.

  • http://www.workingnomad.com Working Nomad

    Still trying to recover from penguin 1.0!

  • http://www.supref.fr/ Supref Référencement

    Great article, but what about panda, you are only talking about hummingbird here, are their techniques that are approved by hummingbird and not panda ?

  • http://www.seovanguard.com/ Kevin Anchi

    Well i would say that the hummingbird is replica of IBM Watson

  • patrickberzai


  • patrickberzai

    Thanks, Chris

  • http://www.gennextmedia.com/chris-marentis Chris Marentis

    Supref, as I mentioned in my response above, I am using Hummingbird in this case as a timeframe…the issues and fixes I talked about in the post have to do with Panda, Penguin…all of the above. Glad you liked the post! Thanks.

  • Scott Davis

    I get the time-frame reference, however, the article is less than a “complete guide” to post-hummingbird SEO mainly because it doesn’t actually deal with what Hummingbird is or did to SEO.

  • http://www.gennextmedia.com/chris-marentis Chris Marentis

    Fair point Scott, probably the wrong title.

  • Scott Davis

    On a side note… this is an EXCELLENT guide to technical SEO that universally transcends the pre- post-hummingbird SERPs.

  • http://www.worksmedia.com.au/ John Romaine

    Brand links are your friend.

  • Scott Davis

    Here’s a bit of actual information about Google’s Hummingbird: