• http://www.objectwareinc.com/SEOPromotionAndStrategy.aspx mtb167

    Great post.

    If i may make a suggestion. Next time – get a screen video capture app and walk me through the process via video.

    I would have loved to see that.

    But good stuff. I’m definitely excited about this new program

  • http://digg.com/tech_news/See_Google_s_Beta_Pay_Per_Action_in_Action_COOL mtb167

    I just dugg this – give it a diggin

  • http://www.seroundtable.com rustybrick

    I would have but there is sensitive data on the screen, which I had to cut out of the images.

    Video, it is hard to cut out that information. At least hard for me to do it.

  • http://www.objectwareinc.com/SEOPromotionAndStrategy.aspx mtb167

    Ahhhhh. I see.

    Here’s an idea, although probably over the top and not worth it –

    take screen shots of what you’re going to display, blur out the sensitive stuff, and absolute position links to the next censored screen shot.

    Also, you would cut down on unnecessary Google loading time in the video. Like a baking show.

    But that might take too much time, and not be worth it to you.

  • http://www.palatnikfactor.com Pablo Palatnik

    Shoemoney had a good post on why Google CPA might not really work well but from the looks of the screen shots, looks good to me. Im sure they’ll keep developing it as they see user response (whether good or bad) until they find something that sticks…has anyone come close to adsense yet?

  • http://www.cumbrowski.com Carsten Cumbrowski


    I was writing a primer about Google Pay per action and how Google uses it for its own referral programs via AdSense.

    I listened a bit late to the “The Pulse” episode from 3/27 while I was working on it and thought that I had to incorporate some comments in my post at ReveNews about Google / CPA and Google Text Links in general.

    Sorry for correcting two of your statements, but I made sure that I link to SERoundTable.com with the “right” anchor text :)

    How Google utilizes (and also NOT utilizes) their own Pay per cost service for their own referral programs might also be of interest for you.

    A Google Referral Programs Primer

    It took me some time to dig all the information up, because Google did not provide them as nicely as they would have, if they would not be an affiliate marketing newbie :)