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    Hi Ginny,,…. yet to try advanced feature. Will make that shift now.

  • Pat Grady

    Dear Google, simplicity comes from consistency, not fewer choices. For
    instance, you’ll mask language options for anyone who has chosen just
    English now. When they decide to experiment with targeting languages,
    you’ll have made their task more complex. When two peers discuss
    settings, more complexity. Tutorial’s screenshots, more complex.
    Agencies spanning multiple accounts and discussing things with clients,
    more complex. For matters of simplicity, fewer platform changes and
    more consistency is far more important than removing unused features.

  • Reva
  • ronniesmustache
  • Reva

    Read that this morning, but if you notice, it only talks about changing your bid on a mobile device – there are no options to either exclude mobile altogether or the opposite – to only run on mobile (say for a campaign that wanted to encourage app downloads). Your only option is to play with multipliers (only you can’t decrease by more than 90%).

  • ronniesmustache

    I believe the -90% limit is for location targeting.

    You can set it to -100% for mobile devices.

  • Reva

    Nope – I tried the other day (as well as this morning) and got an error message. Since I can’t attach a screenshot to the post, you can see it here: http://blog.digitalgroundup.com/2013/05/07/google-enhanced-campaigns-dont-allow-clients-to-exclude-mobile-devices-or-to-appear-on-mobile-devices-only-fml/

    P.S. Not trying to be difficult, I promise. Just want to spread the word. And hopefully, Google will change it before the big roll out.

  • ronniesmustache

    That’s strange and quite troubling! Could it be a bug?

    Have you contacted your Adwords Rep to confirm this?

  • Reva

    We just talked to an AdWords Rep (big back and forth going on on the blog post) and were informed that while -91%-99% is not allowed, 100% is. It just worked too, which is great.

    Still don’t see any way to accomplish the inverse scenario though (only wanting to run on mobile or wanting to exclude either tablets or the desktop). Will advise if I hear anything.