• Vithiet

    Mmmh… Could there be any relation at all with ads being more and more invading on YouTube videos?

  • Matt McGee

    I don’t know, Vithiet. I wonder if it’s just seasonal. Less people online, less people watching videos over the holiday season?

  • Khalid

    If every other site declined as YouTube did during that period, then it’s nothing to do with ads. People know YouTube has the most video, that people mostly post stuff there first(if they even bother to post elsewhere) and that that’s the place to go. Chances are the only thing that can destroy YouTube’s lead right now would be YouTube and it’ll take more than an ad or two per video.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Yes, ComScore could do a better job of presenting data. I’d like to see what the YoY numbers look like during this period, and also understand whether these numbers jibe with what YouTube claims — the ComScore panel has significant selection bias built in and is not necessarily representative of ‘the truth.’