• http://fastcall411.com Richard Rosen

    Any comments from Chatterjee to indicate if and when we will see click to call return to web search? As mobile drives adoption, users are “less afraid” of a web initiated phone call. With the mobile phone in our pocket, click to call from the web to our mobile is just as convenient.

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    No he did not indicate that but you may be right that they’ll take it more seriously now.

  • http://www.freespee.com Freespee

    Click-to-Call using PPCall pricing is very easy to implement on any mobile site or network – the best thing is that you don’t necessarily need a landing page, but a good banner or text link can be sufficient to get started.

    The problem is, how to find the advertisers/merchants who are willing to accept and even pay for inbound calls?

    Anybody thinking about this in Europe, please contact me, as we are looking for new pilot partners. Freespee platform is used by 18 000 advertisers (out of the potential 900 000 that are connected to our partners) and we are currently testing different ways to create more calls to the advertisers, and higher eCPM revenues for the mobile ad networks and big publishers.

    Thanks again for the great story Greg!