• http://pgabor.com GaborPor

    The funny thing is that the Google Toolbar was never available for Chrome, Google’s own browser. If you access the toolbar page ( http://www.google.com/toolbar/ff/index.html ) with Chrome you get a message saying “We’re sorry, but Google Toolbar is only available for Internet Explorer and Firefox.”. Makes me wonder what level of integration will be in the next version of Chrome of he features from the Toolbar and with Google+ features. I think this announcement is part of a push for increasing Chrome’s market share.

  • http://answerguy.com Jeff Yablon

    It IS stunning, and it’s why Danny is Danny.

    As for the question about dropping IE support … well, duh. The “features are already built in” line is pure propaganda; FF has too many users to drop off in this way unless the big G has decided that their strategy needs to shift away from “support everyone because it gets us information” to “we have the information, now we want control”.

  • http://answerguy.com Jeff Yablon

    I had to follow up/elaborate on what I said before: Google dropping support for the Google Toolbar is a pretty clear sign of something that up until now I’ve steadfastly argued wasn’t the case: GOOGLE IS A MONOPOLY:

    My point in detail is here: http://answerguy.com/2011/07/22/google-dominant-data-anti-trust-browser-monopoly/


  • http://www.psychlinks.ca djbaxter

    Actually, the latest Googlke Toolbar (7.x) still works just fine in Firefox 5.

    Here’s all you have to do:

    1. Download, install, and enable the Add-On Compatibility Reporter.

    2. Scroll down to the Google Toolbar in add-ons. Click on Compatibility to get the drop-down and then click on “This add-on still works”.