• http://twitter.com/brianmark Brian Mark

    These companies just need to create a compelling reason for people to user their websites instead of focusing on the fact that they suck at SEO and can’t get traffic via organic rankings. Make the service valuable and people will choose to use the site.

  • Paul Ryan

    Another stupid court case in the tech sector. There’s too much of this “I can’t compete, so I’ll sue!” attitude and this is what regulators should be investigating.

  • victortuszing

    They cannot get traffic via organic rankings exactly because Google blocks competitor websites to maintain its dominance – this is the point! How can people choose to use a site if it doesn’t appear in SERP’s?

  • Alan

    People like Brian make these off hand comments only because Google is not competing in their space. When Google decides to compete in your space you will quickly change your tune.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vikash.kumar.munda Vikash Kumar Munda

    i am with you alan only one who gets the beating can understand the pain…