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    I am really glad you wrote this. I recently reviewed some information a pretty popular SEO gave out and it basically consisted of how to get as many links as possible as fast as possible. I have to say that this person must have spent a ton of time finding all these places to add your links. They even said “the more links you have the better”. I couldn’t believe it.

    Natural is better for the health, for lack of a better word, of the web site. Great article I think there are many out there that need to read it.

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    Good article, I would just like to let people know that those link exchange sites that automatically swap your site with others, by just adding a simple php include can do harm.

    Google will penalize you eventually, but not Yahoo.

    So spend the time getting good links.

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    Hey Eric;

    Thanks for this post. Hope you & family are doing well. You said:

    “I can tell you that spotting manipulated linking patterns isn’t as hard as some people think it is.”

    What would you classify as ‘manipulated linking patterns”? As soon as you request a link – is this manipulated? The only ‘un-manipulated’ link I can think of is one that is not solicited, or purchased in any way. I understand that ‘patterns’ are what you are focusing on here though… it would be great if you could give examples of easily identifiable patterns.


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    Thanks for sharing your insight on link building. I wish this article had been available 2 years ago. It would have save alot of people alot of headaches with spammy reciprical linking campaigns. Great Article!

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    Hi Eric,

    Nice roundup of the issue. Would love to get your take on obtaining high volumes of links through syndication of content. Putting aside duplicate content issues for the moment (let’s just assume that the syndicated content is not on your site at all, so it’s not duplicate), isn’t this an area where a rapid addition of links could look unnatural?



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    What a great article! I have found the same to be true about too many links, too fast. Jim Westin, http://www.fastandfreeinsurancequotes.com

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    Thanks for the response both here and privately. I’ll do a follow up article for next Monday that
    will go into greater detail and include examples
    of what I consider easily identifiable link spam patterns.