• Tony N. Wright

    Great article Erin! Love your insights on this and I’ve passed it on to my team. Several years ago, we made our tagline “Results. Give. Knowledge” The idea was two-fold – we are an agency that provides results, we are flexible and give to the client and the community and we are knowledgable about what we do. On another level, the results that we obtain from each action (good or bad) give us the knowledge to know what to do in the future. Frankly, as a tagline it has failed to capture the attention of anyone – but as an internal mantra, it works very well. Thanks for the great article and I hope to see you at a conference sometime soon.

  • Erin Everhart

    Thanks Tony! Hopefully they find agile as insightful as we did. It’s seriously changed our entire workflow process and (I think) the team is much happier for it.