Great list, but I’m a little surprised that dropping the sign-up fee for their ad service was nowhere to be found on the list. For me, it’s #1. I refuse to use Bing’s ad service until they waive the sign-up fee, and I tell that to every single person that utters “PPC”.

    I find it insulting that a search engine that provides <5% of SE traffic to my sites has the audacity to charge me for the "privilege" of spending advertising money with them. Especially when 80+% of my SE traffic is from Google, and they allow me to sign up for AdWords lets me sign up for free. Yes, $5 isn't much money, but I find it insulting, and refuse to begin a relationship on such terms.

    Bing, you're not getting any of my money or the money of any of my clients until you pull your heads out of your butts! Stop being blindly greedy and start serving me and my interests!

  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    Wow. That’s way over the top, CET. You’ve let your righteous anger over a very minor point cloud good business decision making.

    We have found that Bing traffic converts better and at 20-30% lower cost per acquisition – consistently – across our client accounts than on other networks. Why would you let a small one-time setup fee stop you from taking advantage of that for your clients?

  • Jeff2869

    A good article, but surely the key thing that Bing needs to do is convince the average web user – who doesn’t even search for things online anymore, but googles for them – to switch from Google to Bing? If (and I appreciate that that is a very BIG if!) they achieve this then the marketers, seo’s and webmasters will follow.

    Bing can be as friendly as it likes to ‘search marketers’, but if Joe Public continues to use Google and not Bing, then it makes little difference.