• http://twitter.com/DavidVallejo David Vallejo

    Not sure if there was anything written in the article that supports the headline. I’d be interested to know how mobile users compare between search engine-based and map-based searches. Haven’t been able to find that data anywhere.

  • Durant Imboden

    Tablets definitely confuse the issue, if they’re being bundled in with mobile, since a full-size tablet is more likely to be a living-room or family-room device than a true mobile device like a smartphone.

    It makes sense to bundle tablets with smartphones in discussions of operating systems or user interfaces, but in terms of things like screen size, Web-page display, and where the devices are used, tablets have more in common with desktop PCs or laptops than they do with smartphones.

  • Dana Melick

    Greg, why do you state “overall query volume appears to be declining as mobile devices cannibalize traffic” Do you mean overall desktop traffic? If not, why would mobile/tablet devices impact query volume, beyond the ability to measure it effectively)?

  • http://twitter.com/RankWatch RankWatch

    I would assume they they better fir the smartphone terminology more, based on a simple fact that they are movable and can be taken anywhere. Yes, you can do that with a laptop too, but there’s way too difference between a laptop and a tablet in terms of categorization.In most of the bills a laptop comes under the computing banner, whereas a tablet configures well in the mobile technology. So, it is simple. Both are different in their categorization, whether taken for some common uses.

  • sagelewis

    I would love a place where we could anonymously post our year over year mobile numbers from sites we manage. I’m seeing 200% growth in mobile traffic year over year almost across the board. It would be cool to see if others are experiencing similar trends.

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  • Ronny Marx

    Useful information and graph! Thanks for posting it.

  • Durant Imboden

    Yes, tablets can be taken anywhere, but the research studies that I’ve seen indicate that tablets are used mostly at home. So, while they may share operating systems with smartphones, they aren’t “mobile devices” in the same way, and people using a tablet to search the Web from the living-rooms or the bedroom aren’t really performing “mobile searches.”

    Bottom line: Statistics on “desktop search” vs. “mobile search” aren’t necessarily illuminating. (Come to think of it, the term “desktop search” has been outmoded for quite a while, given the popularity of laptops among both home and business users.)

  • Oremo Ochillo

    I gues the most important questions is whether or not mobile taking market share away from desktop search is a bad thing