• svanboskirk

    Hi Greg – I saw your post on AdWeek’s recent coverage article about Forrester’s recent research on consumer search engine loyalty and I wanted to weigh in on the discussion. I’m the analyst who authored the report which is actually titled “Search Loyalty Is Still Hard To Find” and is focused on helping marketers realize the value of advertising on search engines outside of Google. I did not speak with AdWeek for their article and based on their representation of my research, I would say they drew conclusions that were neither implied nor intended in the report.

    The primary conclusions from the research are that Google is by far the leader in both consumer search use, as well as in advertising dollars, a position that is in no way threatened by any competitors, economic trends or emerging marketing channels. (In fact, as an aside, my opinion is that MS and Yahoo! should actually stop chasing Google in the search business, accept that they have a distant second and third place business and instead prioritize their online advertising businesses – places where they still dominate Google). What I wanted to highlight for marketers in this study is that although Google dominates search share, searchers do in fact frequent other search engines, sometimes preferring certain search engines for specific searches (like for financial content or video clips). This means smart marketers will certainly buy ads on Google, but should also target niche users on other search engines.

    Coop’s Corner actually provides an accurate representation of the findings from my study. http://news.cnet.com/8301-10787_3-10157821-60.html?tag=rtcol;relnews

    I’m betting these conclusions are more inline with your own opinions and experience. Let me know if you agree.

  • LookingConfident

    Who needs to be (only just now), told of a “Google-killer” when I have been beating the drum that it’s on the way, for the past two years or, more? And the closest you can get to saying those few words Greg, words like….”Ad/Pub Networks/Global Exchange”, is your kind of each-way bet (?), in your granting, that:

    ** However that anticipated “Google killer” is less likely to be a conventional search engine than an alternative “platform”…**

    Only an opinion like yours. Always enjoy reading your thoughts even when I may have a different view to those you express.