• daveintheuk

    Google hates scraping! Except when it is for “knowledge” graph. Then scraping is fine.

  • Alan

    Another tool I will stop using. Shame it was a pretty good tool.

  • http://twitter.com/rwongphoto Richard Wong

    In other words, they are all for copyright infringement.

  • http://twitter.com/kjsudbury KJ Sudbury

    The irony of Google not allowing / liking scraping when they scrape the Internet for Google Places, Citations, Reviews, Knowledge Graph etc etc.

  • Dorothea Kettler

    This is truly sad. SERP analysis tools are going down, one by one. I’m curious what tools we’ll be left with in 1-2 months.

  • http://twitter.com/norrthsoftware Norrth Software

    Have no fear Dorothea, there’s no shortage of SERP trackers left ready to take their business! We’re in the free beta stage now @ Norrth, take a look http://norrth.com/serptracker.php

  • Andre Voget

    It seems that Germany-based but English speaking SEO tools such as SEOprofiler.com and SearchMetrics.com are not affected. (Disclosure: I’m co-founder of SEOprofiler.com)

  • Dorothea Kettler

    Thank for the recommendation. Since my work is focused a lot on Local SEO, I prefer to stick with http://keywordsearchrankings.com :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.agostoni.5 Lisa Agostoni

    So why bother with these tools after January?

  • Jonathan Skelker

    any idea how Hubspot seem to be able to keep ranking data, keyword difficultly and search volume in their Keyword tool, I wonder if Google being and investor helps, or if they have an alternative agreement with Google?

  • http://teresahessler.com/ Teresa Hessler

    I’m using Rank Ranger (http://www.rankranger.com) and their response to my (rather frantic) inquiry was:
    “Months ago we foresaw the problem that companies like Raven are currently facing and proactively built our own system independent of the Google AdWords API. Therefore Rank Ranger continues to provide the SERP data that SEO professionals need.”