• http://www.topranksearch.com David

    mmmm …..

    This sounds interesting. Hats off to AOL for not trying to reinvent the wheel which Google built so well.

    Hopefully the whole thing will be as seamless as adWords.


  • Matt Greitzer

    AOL actually launched this a few months ago (late January). I believe the terms of their Google deal permit them only to sell search ads directly to the top 2000 advertisers. Not positive on this, but I think this offering will only be available to large brands.

    The other curious part of AOL’s offering is that running search ads on AOL does not guarantee that your search ads will actually run – AOL will arbitrage between their own auction and the Google syndicated listings and display whichever listings drive the highest revenue to AOL. Very confusing, and somewhat self-serving.

    AOL, too, is struggling to build out the operations support to manage a stand-alone search offering. They have a solid team, but are having a hard time staffing and supporting a search offering in a media-centric organization. It will be a while before they get this right.

  • http://www.vinnylingham.com/2007/04/aol-only-adwords-marketplace-revenue-impact.html VinnyLingham