• cryptblade

    I too am skeptical of the sustainability of PPC and SEO spending. Too many search professionals are arrogant and believe their industry is the best thing since sliced bread. My current boss blindly thinks every company should just focus on SEO and PPC.

    The truth is, marketing is marketing and SEO is not the bumper crop magic bullet marketing that all companies need. As the economy continues in its current state and as business exchanges continue at current pace – or, as some fear, worsen, there WILL be a pull back in SEO-PPC spending.

    In my opinion, most SEO-PPC firms that are not out right full-service agencies with web design, interactive creative media, etc will die.

    There will be an industry brain drain as SEOs working for agencies turn to individual companies and those companies, in turn, look for SEOs/webmasters/PPC specialists or gurus who can handle it all (or most of it). There are plenty of competent SEOs/PPCs who are willing to work for individual companies, collect a steady pay check, and ride out the economy until recovery. And there are plenty of companies who need the most bang for their buck. An SEO employee, after all, can also be the webmaster, the IT guy, the email guy, and pick up slack in almost anything else.

    I think 2009 will get worse as the year progresses. The initial boost with Obama in place will get things jumped up a bit – but as the economy sputters, the reality will sink in more, and there will be retraction.

    Remember, at the core, this is a global economic problem. Asia, Europe, the US and other developed nations are experiencing economic hardships. This is not something where some SEOs and PPCs can “will it” to be better.

    Eventually, companies will not have marketing budgets to work with – the small ones at least. Then a lot of SEOs and PPCs will be competing for a few that still have cash to spend – and those companies will be very very selective who they work with.