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    why would big companies care? All they have to do is partner with Google and get listed under brands, shopping, etc and they get top rankings.

    Small business have no chance with the new Google results

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    That’s why it sucks to do SEO for big corporate dinosaurs. If they are to slow to adapt they don’t deserve to survive. Smaller and faster businesses rightully outrank them. Unless of course Google does even more tweaking of the algo to favor the big brands that fail in SEO.

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    These corporations do not realize that being on page 20 in Google in another language is the same as being invisible in that language, so it’s a waste of money to perform the translation in the first place.

    I’ve performed that kind of .translations for big companies, and have received the text to be translated… in Word! I have offered to translate directly the html pages (as any competent website translator could do), but these guys preferred to later create manually the pages from my translation, sometimes even without having a local presence and with the page editors completely ignoring the target language. The results have been… not good.

    One of my customers ranks #1 in all search engines. They insisted on performing the pages in Spanish themselves, though I pointed out that they needed somebody who speaks Spanish for that. I therefore delivered the Word file and waited. It took them three months to convert the Word file back to html. One year later, I am still unable to find them in the first 30 pages for Spanish!

    They spent thousands of dollars in the translation… and the search engines can’t find them! Apparently they expect their Spanish visitors to find them with English keywords and then show them a Spanish page. Really amazing!