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    Hi Bill

    Yes Indian Market in growing and seeing a lot of potential. I was busy with the SMS India, The Premier Search Marketing Summit Bangalore, which I was organizing with The Akshaya Patra Foundation, so couldnt make it to CAS 2011. Yes said it right, there is a need for Conferences and Seminars in India, We try our best to come up with monthly meetups and conferences in Bangalore. One such meetups and association is OME Community, Online Marketing Enthusiast Community in Bangalore, We will see more and more conferences, It was amazing just to see more than 200 attendees for SMS India, where we had Gillian, Ian, Eric , John and others speak in the event, and attendees students, Professors from Ireland all parts of India were there.

    The Enthusiasm and passion for Search is growing in India. Looking forward for more events, Gillian was sharing about passion and Enthusiasm for CAS 2011.


  • rdhawan

    This is indeed true; the only problem or the issue as I see today is the lack of a consolidated industry wherein the industry per-se follows a unified approach towards digital marketing. You may say that the absence of standards could be considered as a major bottleneck for corporates and individuals alike. Probably, the audience will mature with time and things will improve in terms of standardized practices and procedures.

    However, one thing that stands out is the fact that there is no dearth of good talent within the country. And the situation is set to improve over time.

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    Interesting read! A couple of further/related observations:

    The mantra for Indian companies seems to be adopt – adapt – enhance! More often than not the enhancement means reducing the best practices into products that can leverage the technical expertise (read coding skills) and human resources (read favorable wage rates) that the Indian market offers. Further, the nimbleness of the Indian firms stems from the fact that they are small, assimilate fast and act even faster. Would be interesting to see how cross-market communications would develop as the online marketing matures a bit more.

    @Bill: I think there is a small typo when you talk about the advertising spend growth. 1 billion is 100 crores (ref. the IAMAI report) and consequently the figure would be 785 crores of 7.85 billion rupees (173 million dollars).

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    Indian Market is booming without any doubt but there is a big mismatch here. I shall sometimes write about it. We work for large Indian brands, SMEs and Local businesses …. There is a major major challenge in India. I find DIY the only way here.