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    Wow…lots of stats to digest here:) I’m going to bookmark this post and link to it from my site as well for future reference when talking to clients about the importance of having a mobile presence. I’m working with a client right now on a responsive web design.

    For SMB’s reading this that don’t know what that is, a responsive design is one where your website “responds” to whatever device is being used to view your website. If someone is viewing your website on a tablet, for example, your tablet-optimized website is shown. If they are viewing it on a smartphone, your smartphone-optimized website is returned. You have a specific design for each of the 3 main devices used today – desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

    At any rate, didn’t mean to get sidetracked on that. I just think it’s important for SMB’s reading this that when they do go mobile, they should go with a responsive web design. You want to avoid having a separate mobile website. And this comes directly from Google:)

    Travis Van Slooten

  • Shawn Lippert

    Great Article and facts, The research done here for Mobile Marketing is right on target, well put together! I have noticed in my Local Clients Google Business pages that most of the mobile searches results in a call to action like Phone Number and Maps for directions more so then clicking through to their website.

    However for a Restaurant client of mine their “Menu” page receives more visit’s then the directions and phone number combined. Potential customers still want to see what is offered before making the final decision.

    Mobile Search is gaining ground rather quickly, Marketing to apps like, FourSquare, Yelp, Google+ and more I think is the right move!

  • Justin Sous

    Great article, awesome stats.

    If I had to bet though, I’d say a certain percentage of the Local Business Owners who said they aren’t doing any mobile marketing either:
    A) Don’t know exactly what constitutes “mobile marketing”… or
    B) Don’t realize they’re doing mobile marketing

    A lot of the bigger PPC agencies like the Yodles and Reach Locals who automate a lot of their PPC accounts don’t necessarily optimize their SMB accounts for mobile, but they’ll set their campaign settings for “All Devices” which includes mobile. This cuts down on the work for them and allows them to increase the # of clicks/impressions for their clients. The SMBs probably don’t have any idea they’re being opted into these devices and aren’t optimized for them. It’s not a knock on the big agencies (well, maybe) but moreso what I see everyday.

    I agree, Stephanie, if you’re an SMB and not taking advantage of mobile in PPC or SEO then you’re missing the boat!