• jordan8037310

    It looks more like a plane hitting the twin towers than it does a plane landing on a runway. I just wanted to point it out for the purposes of it seeming more like a violent prank like the Swastika was back in July.

  • http://www.seroundtable.com/ Barry Schwartz

    Hmm, Jordan – you make a good point. Didn’t even think of it from that angle.

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    My first instinct was that it was 2 towers as well. Saw some asci art in results recently but not so high up. The related searches Related “trends, google trends, 911” may be a clue.

  • dmzachara

    I find it very interesting that “fbi jobs” shows up at #3, right below the ASCII image. I wonder if this is just a coincidence….?

  • adammm

    FBI will be hiring around 3,000 new employees, carried on most news sites last night/this morning. No coincidence. I originally thought it was searchers using the airline flight google search function.

  • Cohn

    I don’t know how the plane got in there but based on the related searches showing up further down the list I would guess their servers got hacked:

    anosmia Related searches:
    404, mus musculus, musculus, error 500, ferrari f 2009

  • loongtim

    I remember this hoax email going around after 9/11. It claimed that if you typed out the flight number of the plane that crashed into the towers (Q33 NY) with Webdings font, it would display this image.

    It will – except that the real flight # wasn’t Q33. Just a hoax. And this is just a violent prank as jordan8037310 already said above.

  • http://getfittribe.com edbloom

    looks like it’s still there – can’t believe they haven’t removed it yet – looks like the hackers are having a very good week with the whole twitter thing and now this – unreal

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Apparently this forum post might be the source of the queries:

  • Cohn

    Google Search:
    ✈ ▌▌
    to produce the image.
    Don’t know how you grabbed the page.

  • Cohn

    oops it converted it… delete space before ampersands
    ✈ ▌ ▌

  • Cohn

    ok last time and them I am giving up… delete space between all numbers and letters to produce image

    & # 9 9 9 2; & # 9 6 1 2; & # 9 6 1 2;

  • aloxe

    I am not sure we can call that ASCII art or even an ascii image.

  • http://www.goldstarsearch.co.uk aclark

    Looks like a prank gone “big time” to me but its hardly art is it.

  • dmacd

    Google Trends was spoofed again today with ASCII art that used a racially-charged epithet in to suggest that black people patronize a certain fried-chicken franchise.

    Screenshot at http://www.amethystweb.com/trends2.jpg