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    Now they are hardly covering up that it is ASK.COM, for starters they use the ask circle, and the ask logo on the bottom right of the home page.
    The whole thing though is just a pointless farce, people use google because they are lazy, it does not bring hundreds of GET IT AT ARGOS adverts like ASK and it usually brings back what you were looking for.
    It also provides free services like Froogle, and Google news, which contrary to ASK’s bullshi*, brings back top headlines from Other websites.
    They try to make out that the googlesphere is controlling the news and your lives by being the main power in the search engine world, which just comes across as jealousy.
    Lets have an OFCOM for search engines; yes, great idea, because the government manage to manage the telecommunications industry Oh so well. Idiots couldn’t manage a pie eating contest.

    The internets supposed to free, the moment you allow governments to get involved, we become china.

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    @ pcdevil … not all from aks is bullshit, the marketing from ask is okay (worldwide people talk about ask now), but ask is the problem himself.