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    While I understand Bill needs to run a company and make massive profit and his post has some merit, the whole concept of DNI is faulted in the real world of advertising.

    Problem #1: You will always sell more and do better by using clear, easy to remember 1-800 numbers/local numbers. So if Bill’s company could provide perfect looking 800’s numbers each and every time that would solve this problem, but causes problem #2.

    Problem #2: Users write down, rolodex, save numbers they call and DNI systems that are managed by companies like Bill’s means your customers will be calling you but getting someone else in the future or getting sorry this number is out of service. While some of the DNI companies can offer you to use/own the numbers this creates problem #3.

    Problem #3: If you want to keep ownership & control of all these different numbers, it would be very costly. Bulk 800 numbers are not cheap, and local bulk lines also have a price. Your monthly bills for phone lines easily pill up and if you drop one line you loss the customers associated with that line. The DNI companies might be able to save some cost by helping you buy the numbers, but this problem is only solved by the proper way to handle call tracking, which is solution below:

    Having been in the business for 11+ years I’ve seen a lot of companies use the above process, always with success and failure. Sadly the failure rate/benefit is greater then the success in the above process. But there is a very clear, easy to use way to handle this, but since Bill’s company doesn’t offer it and since most of the other providers also don’t offer it you’ll only see/hear about from major/smarter advertisers.

    Solution: using a great branded/easy to remember 800/local number along with a easy to remember/branded/related extension or promo code. As this handles the tracking aspect, ensures that you don’t loss business because of a bad phone number shown, and you will loss business if you use a bad/ugly phone number. IT also ensures that you will have ownership and control of the number, costs will be low as you only run 1 number.

    The only bad thing about this is you will need to find a provider that can do it, which is the problem as at present most of the companies are looking for profits and looking out for themselves not you. So sure the solution from Bills company is a solution, but it comes with a hefty price and anyone seriously looking at call tracking should think twice.

    The only things I can offer in terms of a possible solution are: 1) have your staff that answer the phone trained to ask for a promo code or 2) use a PBX system that prompts the user to enter the promo code/extension number. Then you will still need a way to handle the rotation of the extensions based on the keywords/advertising that brings traffic, for that I have no solution and only say I wish companies like Bill’s were able to actually do what’s right for the client, even if it meant making a little less as the concept is right, the system is there, just the execution is wrong.