• http://www.verticalstudio.com wkanaday


    Thanks for bringing attention to the issue of attribution and for the work y’all are doing at ClearSaleing.

    But when I look across the Interactive Attribution vendors no one seems to have it all nailed down and tied up nicely. The Forrester report you referenced earlier seems to support this conclusion.

    So when and how do you think that breakthrough will occur or will it ever?


  • http://www.clearsaleing.com Adam Goldberg

    Hi Wkanaday,

    You are welcome. Thanks for reading my article.

    Attribution is the holy grail of advertising. Truly knowing the impact of each touch point along a consumer’s purchase path allows marketers to buy the perfect mix of media at the perfect price point to earn the maximum amount of profit given their investment. To this extent having attribution ‘nailed’ is still a ways off.

    In order to truly have attribution truly ‘nailed’ all forms of media (not just online) has to be accounted for. It will be quite some time until there consumers a comfortable with having everything they see and do reside in a tracking technology. Set top boxes are the next logical addition to the offline world.

    With that said, I do believe companies such as ClearSaleing have made tremendous strides in performing attribution in the online world. We have nearly 100 very large advertisers on our system that have increased their profitability by getting beyond last click measurement. Though they may not all be using ‘perfect’ models to base their decisions off of, they are using models that are far more accurate than last click.

    We have found that our clients that are using an even attribution model have gained a tremendous amount of lift. An even model treats each ad in a path with an equal share of the credit for the conversion. This type of model makes sure our clients don’t over value closers and completely ignore introducing and influencing ads. They quickly find that by investing more dollars in top of the funnel advertisements they attract more new vs. repeat customers, increase AOV, and be in places where their competition cannot justify when using last click metrics.

  • NWTiger54


    Great insight and I couldn’t agree with you more about attribution truly being the holy grail of advertising. I can’t even fathom the performance that could be attained If we were at the point of knowing the impact offline truly had on online, but hey; that’s a ways off.

    Anyway, I was wondering what your take was on Google’s new Search Funnels feature and it’s ability to truly identify a conversion path/attribution? Of course it only ties in AdWords traffic but that alone can make up a smaller firm’s entire online advertising.