• http://www.linkedin.com/in/metaprinter metaprinter

    Instead of a nebulous concept like “company xyz’s branded terms” can you give us a real world example? Thanks.

  • http://www.prominentplacement.com stacywms

    Agree 100% with this. Love the coupon idea – I hadn’t thought of that previously. At the risk of looking too self-promotioney (I’m sure these links are nofollowed anyway!), readers may also be interested in my related article which lists 10 reasons to run PPC on keywords you rank high for organically (brand names or other keywords): http://www.searchadvisory.net/%e2%80%9cwhy-should-i-run-ppc-ads-on-that-keyword-i-already-rank-high-on-it-organically%e2%80%9d/.