• Tom Roberts

    I’ll be honest: this reeks of an advertorial.

  • Matt McGee

    Sorry you feel that way, Tom, but it’s not an advertorial. With the Chinese search market as big as it is, we feel it’s news when companies make attempts to open that market up to search advertisers elsewhere in the world. Last year we did a story on Glogou, another company also focusing on offering products and services related to the Chinese market: http://searchengineland.com/glogou-launches-products-to-help-us-companies-do-search-marketing-in-china-141056

  • Aussiewebmaster

    and advertorial is a paid story

  • alonso randall

    This is an interesting article. It seems that many companies see this growing China marketing opportunities.

    Just want to point out that, Glogou Inc, a Silicon Valley company, has been Baidu’s No.1 oversea agent for years.

    Glogou had developed the world 1st English interface to Baidu’s ad management platform. Because Baidu’s interfaces are in Chinese only, this web-based product was important for a non-China business to run campaign on Baidu. SearchEngineLand reported this product last year: Glogou Launches Products To Help US Companies Do Search Marketing In China


    Glogou recently announced “Across the Great Wall” China marketing technologies and services that break down the barriers to reach the growing China


  • http://www.nanjingmarketinggroup.com Tait Lawton

    We’d consider working with China Search International (CSI), although I’m not sure about what the advantage of working with them is. So, I initially had the same feeling as Tom…

    Does AdSage no longer have exclusive rights as Baidu’s reseller in USA?

    Is there anything that CSI can do that Nanjing Marketing Group/BaiduAdvertising.com (my company) cannot do?

  • http://www.nanjingmarketinggroup.com Tait Lawton

    Hi Alonso,
    You said “Glogou Inc, a Silicon Valley company, has been Baidu’s No.1 oversea agent for years.” What do you mean by this? In what way is it No. 1?