• http://www.tcampbell.net T Campbell

    Aw, isn’t that cute? Yahoo thinks, or at least pretends, it’s going to be any sort of competitor to Facebook.

    Yahoo has a huge and formidable business, but it seems to me to be a legacy business. For years it’s been fighting a rear-guard action, and nothing short of a major merger or acquisition has threatened to change that. It engages its user base in an older-fashioned way than Facebook does and can’t catch up without a fundamental change, which doesn’t seem in the cards.

    Bartz seems to be playing to Yahoo’s base with her comments. “Those KIDS with their privacy violations! I don’t like it, but then, I’m old. Maybe… maybe YOU’RE feeling ‘old’ too, Yahoo user? Let’s grow old together.” Viable defensive strategy, but all it’s going to do is slow the shrinkage.