• Pat Grady

    Attribution confusion often turns Big Data into Big Mistakes.

  • NucleusResearchHP

    I agree with the blog, but would tweak the headline to “Big Data” is not valuable unless it gives you actionable insight. At Nucleus, we prefer to talk about little data that is

    1) accurate – Data Quality

    2) relevant – Routed to right context and applications

    3) timely – not obsolete and has not passed its half-life of viability

    4) actionable – accessible a specific role or individual to make a decision

    The challenge is to turn Big Data into little data because Big Data has none of these characteristics; Big Data just exists. http://j.mp/littledata shows our view of what “Big Data” should be

  • Sandip Banerjee

    Great insight. Sometimes less information is much more effective than too much information. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Nathan Safran

    Agree, and would add that the presentation of the information is critical too.

  • http://knoesis.org/amit/ Amit Sheth

    With all the noise about Big Data and 5Vs, one useful term is Smart Data. It conveys whether you are getting insights leading to human/business actions or improves decision-making (hence ROI). Check out the definitions on page 14-15, along with distinctions on Big Data applications we are aware of today vs what is needed that leads to actions and decisions: http://j.mp/SmatData

  • Raheel Aquil

    I think its the time for the multi screen devices and users are feeling comfortable with the small screen of there gadgets to populate the require results which is there demand rather then going to filter thousands of results so the Big is always an issue for the marketers to make sure that the users in-demand searches are on there toes.