• Gord Hotchkiss

    Couldn’t have said it better myself

  • Marco

    Why is there so much emotion (positive and negative) when a news story focuses on Microsoft? Let’s stick with the facts and how they might or might not impact us. In what ways is Bing better or worse than Google or Yahoo? How will (or should) Bing’s introduction affect marketers? Here are my newest thoughts on Bing, Yahoo!, and Google.

  • http://MarcD MarcD

    Nice story! I just want to add that Bing makes me think of Chandler Bing of Friends. I’m not sure if Microsoft wants their search engine become as funny as this guy …

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Great post, Lance.

    The SilverLight issue may be a fatal mistake on their part. To the extent that the media blitz will convince folks to try Bing once (after searching for it on Google). If that initial experience is a hassle, and to the average user: downloading = hassle they’ll never come back. As you said: search ‘ain’t broke,’ so the fix has to knock people’s socks off. Bing won’t.

  • claydo

    This a great article. There’s also a great article by Stanley Bing in the latest Time magazine about how they stole his name.

    This website is really good for comparing Google, Yahoo and Bing search results:


    It’s amazing how different they are.