• Ian Leong

    Dear Bing Ads Executives: IMHO you should make it less difficult to log in the AdCenter. Make me use a Microsoft account to log in – I’m ok with that. However, the Microsoft account doesn’t always bring me in to the AdCenter management interface. In fact, it rarely does. I always have to type adcenter.microsoft.com into the browser address bar after authentication is completed. Otherwise I am just brought back to the AdCenter login screen with no communication on what happened and what I still need to do.

  • Chris Leone

    And it wasn’t too long ago when you couldn’t even log into Adcenter from a Chrome or Safari browser ::headslap::

  • Sam Mazaheri

    It’s really hard to be impressed by MSFTs Bing Ads plans when they refuse to prioritize development of Bing Ads Desktop for Mac.

  • Ginny Marvin

    I’m hearing whispers this is actually on the horizon, Sam.

  • marcpoirier

    It’s coming soon