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    This keyword variations will help advertisers to advertise their products with subtly different keywords

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    There are disadvantages to this change that stem from splitting traffic and performance data among multiple keyword variations that match to the same search queries:

    1. Splitting historical performance data across multiple keyword variations can have an adverse affect on automated bidding solutions.

    In general, more historical performance data at the individual keyword-level can lead to (i) higher statistical confidence in bid changes, (ii) a shorter lookback period therefore increasing market reactivity, or (iii) simply preventing the necessity of borrowing data from other terms or using a cluster modeling approach. In addition, a high volume keyword that had enough recent historical data for accurate models to be built may not longer have enough data to reach the criteria for accuracy.

    2. Makes it more difficult to view and report on true keyword metric totals.

    3. Increases the amount of time it takes a keyword to begin using a Quality Score based on its own data (as opposed to the standard QS is is initially given).

    Note: The only symbols AdWords recognizes are ampersands and accents – https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2453980?hl=en.