• RedLeader

    Gaaaah! That grammatical error in that big banner ad on the right is so distracting to me, haha. “…the town that once changed it is name to Google.”

  • Durant Imboden

    Clever promotion, but what percentage of the search population (even the business search population) will it reach?

  • Steve

    I’ve taken this Bing challenge 4 times already.. 3 for Bing and 1 for Google. But guess what?? I still use Google. A challenge like this isn’t going to compel me to switch search engines. I’m just used to Google, and unless Bing is significantly better, it’ll be hard to get me to switch.

  • Steve

    Yes, but my point is, I still use Google because it’s what I’m used to. I’m sure it’s the same with many people.

  • Steve

    Nope. Amazon cards aren’t going to make me switch. I might do it temporarily just for the promotion, but not because I really want to use Bing. That’s like bribery.

  • Alex M

    So you prefer Bing searches over Google (as you noted), and would receive free gift cards versus getting nothing. How would using a product you like better and that offers you more value be like bribery? Sounds to me like common sense…

  • http://www.camisonline.net/ Camisonline.net

    I find it funny that Bing advertises through Google Adwords and their PPC looks identical to Adwords manager. You can also import your Adwords campaigns straight into Bing! Their PPC isn’t bad and we did get hits from them, but they just don’t carry enough traffic to justify the cost of using them.