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    “actively participating advertisers must know that any unspent funds in their reward pool will stay in Microsoft’s coffers” — is not what Microsoft Bing employees told us.

    Once the program folds at end of month, retailers can request a refund of unspent cashback funds and MS will cut a check. We had many advertisers worry about this, and I communicated w/ MS directly to find out.

    So unless something has changed, there’s no reason for advertisers to intentionally blow through their remaining cashback funds. http://www.versafeed.com

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    VersaFeed: You may want to reach out to your Microsoft adCenter sales team again.

    To clarify, Microsoft will NOT refund any remaining reward pool funds once 60 days after July 30th, 2010 have passed. See statement below from Microsoft:

    “Any available piggybank funds will continue to be available to pay cashback savings to cashback Search consumers for any transactions that occurred on or before July 30, 2010. However, when the program ends any funds still available in your piggybank will be retained by Microsoft per the terms of the Microsoft and advertiser agreement.”

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    Hi Mike,

    Microsoft is indeed refunding retailers’ unspent cashback funds. They are now actively contacting merchants w/ unspent funds and asking them to verify who the check should be made out to and where it should be sent.

    That being said, the checks have not actually been cut, however, we’ve been told that by end of year, all retailers w/ cash remaining in their cashback account will receive a check.

    This was all done pro-actively from Microsoft as well — we didn’t even have to request the refund from Microsoft. They contacted us. Hope that helps clarify. http://www.versafeed.com/