• Charles – The Great and Powerf

    The real story is that Google is barely maintaining their Search Engine Market Lead with the success of Android. With Rockstar destroying Android, 2014 will be the year Bing matches Google search queries. And then 2015 is when Bing dominates Google and Google became the company we all forgot.

  • http://www.kinseystreet.com Robert Coats

    I have yet to see real world analytics data that was anywhere close to comscore’s “search share” reports. Ever. In real world results, Google’s search share is around 90% (even higher in some niches). That is why PPC budgets are focused on AdWords.

    The lowest search share I have ever seen for Google was with a client based in Redmond, WA, the heart of Microsoft, and even his site had a search share of 74% for Google. The bulk of his clientele? Micosofties.

  • Thomas

    I have a client that gets just as many leads from bing as he does from google with paid adverts. And his paid bing leads cpa is much lower and of a higher quality. From an organic stand point you are completely correct, organically google brings about 90% of all my clients traffic.

  • whatsa2

    I would say you have a swing from google to bing too
    many WP/desktop users have a fragmented google experience and I like others
    have replaced google search/services with others that are cross-platform.

  • fadila a

    google is number one