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    For UK based clarity, is Rachel Maddow a fairly big deal? I’m only dimly aware of her really. I’ve seen her interview Jon Stewart, which I thought was a good piece, but nada other than that

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I don’t know her ratings, but yes, she’s a large news personality with a big following.

  • http://spreadinggingrich.com GalenaAlyson

    Hullo Mr. Sullivan, and thank you for the mention at the close of your article. At this writing you have driven a massive herd of 20 searchenginelanders to our site, for a whopping 1.5% of our all-time grand total since our first visitor way back on January 24th. (Keep it up – we’re counting on you to move us up to the top of the googleverse! :-)

    I’ve learned a lot reading your two recent articles, and I’d like to return the favor (assuming you’re interested). I am far from a search engine guru, but I have been on the net twice as long as Google (almost exactly), and these things interest me…

    …which is why I bought spreadinggingrich.com only minutes after seeing the Rachel Maddow feature on Spreading Romney — I could hardly believe my eyes when it came up on my screen as available (I mean, geez, even spreadingpaul.com is taken!).

    The first thing I did was to send Maddow a note asking what she thought we should do with this thing, but unsurprisingly, no reply (“write us – we read our mail!”). The obvious thing to do was what Shepler did – make up a somewhat vulgar definition based on topical, popular liberal sentiment (“the uncomfortable feeling you get after screwing someone new in your dying wife’s bed”); throw on some google ads and watch the clicks to roll in.

    But I’d rather do something fun while I’m slavishly me-too-ing (sorry Dan!). I wanted to see if we could get something really good if we threw it out to the net, something that might become more than merely a meme, something that might actually have a chance of making it into the popular lexicon (fun as they are, santorum and romney have pretty narrow application); I’m hoping for something that’ll resonate uniquely with the current populism. (That’s why I’m promoting the more lexically gratifying “grich” as a nice contraction.)

    So I hacked a few pages together (gawd I hate cludging css to satisfy IE – what a piece of romney that is!) and got a few hits here and there. Just wondering what would happen if we didn’t really push it.

    The “some attention” seems to have started last Saturday (11 Feb) on BNN with “Newt Gingrich Next In The Internet ‘Spreading’ Barrel”, a really nice feature (and a screenshot even) by Simon Barrett [ http://www.bloggernews.net/127730 ].

    Next we show up yesterday (13 Feb), as you noted, riding romney’s coattails on newsfeed.time.com and nymag.com, which is where I first noticed the bump this morning, and where most of the bump has come from (thus far). (With some significant input coming indirectly from a related LA Times article via a commentary link on fark.com.)

    Interestingly, about 1/4 of the current bump is direct traffic, so folks are starting to text and email this around.

    That’s about as much as I, in my relative ignorance, can tell from the analytics. It kinda looks to me like this bump is already tapering off (17:00 14 Feb), but the after-work crowd could easily prove me wrong. I said I wanted to see what happened without pushing it, but I must admit to strong temptation to write Rachel again and trumpet our new cred….

    As you said, “stay tuned”…if this ‘goes’, then the early data may be useful to someone (you?) as a study of the chaotic leading edge of the viral ramp. It all depends on who writes what, and who sticks it all the way to the Republican convention. More likely, I suspect, is that Spreading Gingrich will remain a minor me-too site on the trailing edge of a phenom that will have run its course in the next few months.

    Any thoughts? Suggestions? Definitions? Should I write to Rachel again?!

    As long as the ride lasts, I’d like to make this as fun for everyone as possible.

    Thanks for your time,


    The Spreading Gingrich

    P.S. In the time it took me to romney the above load, you have driven a gaggle of 3 more searchenginelanders to spread some gingrich. Keep up the good work!

  • http://spreadinggingrich.com GalenaAlyson

    Oh my goodness! Sorry about that…

  • http://www.wissa2012.com Wissa

    Really it is BS that Google and Bing allow for this. They punish and even de-index websites left and right. But then someone comes along and makes a smear website about the political party that is not popular with the left leaning Google and Bing decision makers and they do nothing. I wonder if the same kind of site came up about Obama would they allow it to sit at the top of the search engines for so long? I doubt it. I know that you are left leaning Danny and that is fine, It just isn’t right for the major search engines to allow this to happen when they punish others who manipulate SEO.