• Zach Smith

    i will be back for more articles like this :)

  • Melinda Colos

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  • Molses

    From the screenshot above i see date option in bing image search. Date of the image feature is used by me in google image search more than anything else to get recent pictures. Now i can switch to bing.

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk/ Nathaniel Bailey

    Bing are trying so hard to offer better filters etc then google these days and it seems to be looking good for them! But I still find 90% of my searches better on google than bing so I still can’t personally break out of the google habit lol

  • Verdumont Monte

    To me the main issue with bing is, it doesn’t index the blogs and other user generated contents properly. Yes, it does index famous blogs, but for specific tech issues, I mostly find answers in blogs than in stackoverflow.

  • http://www.techmagnate.com/ Nikita Saxena

    The new Search by License is quite a handy tool. It makes easier to look for images that can be used for a certain purpose without having any copyright issues. It can save a lot of time.