• ashutosh rajput

    it’ll help to travel plan

  • Mary Kay Lofurno

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for the article. Its been pretty well documented by you and other media that Google had been starting to push itself into the travel business. There is Frommers, the ITA purchase. This is not surprising. TripAdvisor is out here in the Boston area and I have followed them for a long time. I have met/known quite a few people there over the years and they have always considered Google as a competitor to their business.

  • Mary Kay Lofurno

    Greg. Sorry I called you Danny by mistake. My appologies.

  • Durant Imboden

    “Competitor” is in the eye of the beholder. TripAdvisor wouldn’t be the brand that it is if Google hadn’t crawled and indexed millions of keyword-driven TripAdvisor stub pages back in the day (something Google is still doing).

  • Mary Kay Lofurno

    Durant, I agree with you. I am just sharing my impression from discussions I have had with their people over the years and their tact in the market place. I think the thing that really got them was when Google started to get into their space.

  • Scott Davis

    This sucks! It was bad enough trying to compete with the OTA’s AND the Google Hotel finder… Bing was the one remaining refuge where vanity hotel websites could still thrive and challenge the OTA’s in SERP.

  • http://www.discountjacky.com/ Jacky

    I don’t like tripadvisor I wish there was another big player in this industry.