• http://asimpledropofwater.blogspot.com Karthik kumar

    One of the things I don’t like in Facebook is that it often lets third party apps ask for permissions from me. That apart, letting someone link some page to me is just not of my interest. I can’t let the control over my online persona to someone or some third party apps. No way.

    And, Bing wants the users do all the work for building some knowledge graph it needs for personalizing its own results? But ‘search’ is not a charity that you can ask people to contribute to.

  • http://asimpledropofwater.blogspot.com Karthik kumar

    And by the way, ‘Linked Pages’ doesn’t seem to be consistent either. I get the message “This service is temporarily unavailable” all the time. Or doesn’t it work in India yet?

  • http://About.me/kimisharp Kimi Sharp

    I think from what you’ve said, maybe I should wait until “Bing … [considers] allowing people to add pages even if they use the “Skip” option to prevent granting Bing permission to post on Facebook.”

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    I imagine that for those that actually read the fine print the “allow Bing to post to Facebook as me” is a huge turnoff. Why would anyone want Bing posting on their behalf? For now, it doesn’t seem worth it to give this kind of permission.