• http://smackdown.blogsblogsblogs.com/ mvandemar

    “I don’t think Bing was not the first” – typo?

  • Chris

    I have no idea where you are but I get no such message.. in fact, it shows a bunch of google results including google on top.

  • Harith

    Please repeat after me: I prefer Google to Bing for the web’s top searches :-)

  • http://www.ashout.com/ P.K.ARUN

    I didn’t get any such box here in India.

  • http://www.vincenttobiaz.com/ Vincent Tobiaz

    don’t get the box either…yall crazy at SEL ;P

  • neilz

    Okay, i repeat. I prefer Bing over Google, it is much better and not boring. Lol

  • Nick

    I got the box.

    I almost feel bad for Bing. They’re trying really hard.

  • Charles Chavez

    It doesn’t show up for me either. What I find funny is the fourth result in google’s results. Adwords :) because PPC is so highly relevant to a search for “google”. LOL

  • MDS

    I find it interesting how Bing ranks iGoogle second despite listing Google Maps second in the search suggestions.
    I didn’t receive the box either…

  • Illogicalthinker

    I got the box. I also thought it was ironic that Bing has pretty much matched Google’s CSS. It’s styled almost identically to Google.

  • Paul Dybala, PhD

    Barry – looks like you shamed Bing into changing the results, as I don’t see the result you mention.

  • http://blackhatpwnage.com/ igl00

    shame i cant block competitio nof http://blackhatpwnage.com like that!

  • Durant Imboden

    I didn’t get the box–not for Google, and not for some of my former favorite search engines. (I was hoping Bing might be feeling defensive about Altavista and Infoseek.)

  • http://www.clippingpathindia.com/clipping-path-service.html Bijutoha

    But here in BD, I am not seeing like that, and while I search in Google for Bing then I see a best result .

  • Geoff Roy

    Good on you Bing ! In the UK, 91% market share in search by one monolithic company isn’t healthy. I want to use Bing, but just can’t as need to understand how Google ticks. Shame.