• Ann07

    Let me quote this sentence from your content, “Search behavior changes each day, during the day as well as on different days of the week. Those changes can take the form of different user intent, different search volumes, different devices, or all three.”

    It’s just the same when you have a business. For example, you have a restaurant. There are specific months or times in a year that your sales go down or your sales are at the highest peak. So whatever month you’re in, you’ve got to be prepared and ready.

    I think it’s just the same with search forecasting.


    By the way, I found this post shared on kingged.com

  • Koby Wong

    If you’re not already tracking phone calls, ifbyphone is a great solution to do so.

    I feel there are going to be more trends to non-online conversions that need to be included in the overall measurement aspect of your marketing efforts.