• FlightHat

    Ah yes, Hulu, Vudu, Netflix etc – stuff only available in America. The rest of the world couldn’t care less that this isn’t on the box when it goes on sale in a few days around the world.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Yes, if I still lived in Britain, then I could evaluate it from that perspective. I don’t. I live in the US and can only evaluate it firm the perspective of someone within the geographical boundaries (which is one reason I said the major US networks rather that “networks”

  • http://www.the-river.net Pamela

    Helpful review, Danny. We got a Roku box at home maybe a year ago, and, since then I’ve looked at a bunch of different options — not experienced them, but read about them — and still haven’t found any compelling reason to switch. Hulu Plus is coming to Roku, apparently, too, which will make it even more attractive. (Not that I am sure I’d want to pay, but, that’s another story.) Frankly, the programming I want to watch on my TV is the stuff that was originally produced for broadcast, cable or the big screen. The independent Web-only stuff is less interesting.

  • rdurns13

    Hi Danny great review, I’ve been trying to do some research to buy a box for Christmas. My biggest use for the device would be streaming video from my computer’s storage device to the TV. Does Boxee allow for wireless streaming of this content, or does the external storage need to be directly connected? The only reason I would consider Boxee is that it has claimed to support multiple file types, unlike Apple TV, and Boxee will do it all in 1080p. Any insight you can give would be great, I’m stumped on what to get.