• http://boxxet.com You Mon Tsang

    Thank you for spending time with Boxxet and for a fair and thoughtful review.

    Yes, you are right, the Colorado Avalanche Boxxet has not been well-trafficked. Our beta base was centered mainly on coasts (friends and family).

    So our hope is that a new Boxxet will be at least useful and a moderately well-trafficked Boxxet will start to really shine as user votes and actions start to teach the software how to make better choices for the fans.

    Discovery is a big part of our system and we want to (1) show only what is best on the start page of each Boxxet and (2) allow fans who want to see every last story to drill down and get all their content if they want. Your comment on info overload is well taken and we’ll continue to tweak the UI accordingly.

    I do appreciate that you understand our goal with Boxxet. I would request that you subscribe to the Avalanche RSS feed and follow that Boxxet. And we would welcome you back in a few months to track our progress.